If you attended the recent Math Morsels Conference, please take a moment to fill out my survey. Thanks!
If you are interested in trying my drill software, I must warn you that it's still in the alpha (very early) stage of release. Even so, if you have PRS Interwrite clickers and you are using PRS software or Response software (the latter preferred), then contact me and I'll send you the setup program for the drill system. It's free to you and I'm anxious to hear what others think about it.
Even if you have no interest in clickers or drilling, you may find the PowerPoints below useful. I use them with my clicker system, but they could be used for presentation and also for chorale response.
PowerPoints for the PRS Interwrite Clicker System and Response Software

(these should work with PRS or CPS eInstruction Clicker Systems):
My Master's Thesis is titled, "Developing Math Fluency and Automaticity With Math Drill Software for Classroom Response Systems." Here is a demo video of my drilling software in use in a classroom: Basic Math Drill Software for Clicker System
I am including a link to a rough draft of my thesis and some snippets of research I still need to fold in:
I've also written a couple of articles on clickers for the CMC Communicator Journal. Here are copies of each: