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Subterm 3 Assignment and Test Schedule
Subterm 4 (NPHS Quarter 4) Assignment and Test Schedule
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Extra Credit: students should bring in a TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator ASAP, the sooner they get one for themselves, the sooner they start earning extra credit. I'll give 5 points a day each day the first week and then 20 points on Monday Feb 4th. Students can only keep the extra credit if they continue to bring the calculator to class every day.


(For notetaking guides for homework, you must use Google Chrome or the Google Drive app for your smartphone or tablet)

Required Materials

  • Binder: 3 ring, graph paper preferred, dividers for notes, homework, classwork, tests and projects
  • If a student prefers to use spiral or otherwise bound notebooks, than the student must have a separate binder for notes so that notes can be used while solving problems.
  • Pencils and eraser
  • Blue pen and red pen (or 4 color pen, see optional materials below)
  • Fresh print cartridge for home printer and ream of printer paper (you will be printing out section reading guides almost nightly)

Optional but Desirable Materials


AP Statistics Exam Resources

Internet Resources (tutorials, reference)

Data Sources

Case Studies

Make Your Own Polls

Graphing Calculator

TI-83 Programs and Guides

Casio Manual and Programming Guides

Simulation Stuff


Videos (free)

Videos (that cost money)

Statistics Software (used in industry)

Statistics Software (for education)

Statistics Software (free)

Data Visualization Software

Specific Topics in Statistics

Normal Distributions

Sampling Distributions

Here are some things that are fun to play with regarding sampling distributions:

Confidence Intervals

Hypothesis and Significance Testing

Fall 2012 Subterm 1 schedule of assignments and tests

Fall 2012 **Subterm 2** schedule of assignments and tests